Destination detox: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa

If you’re feeling sluggish or fatigued and are keen try a post-December detox then how about a weekend retreat in Kuwait? Granted it’s not Thailand but for those of us who live in the Middle East, it’s a bit closer to home. So if it’s clean eating, swaying palm trees, luxurious spa treatments and sunrise yoga you’re after, then look no further than Kuwait’s Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa.

 Detox programmes

The property enjoys a lovely setting on the beach and it is extremely well equipped to provide you with some much needed R&R. The resort is just a 90-minute flight away from Dubai. You’ll be well looked after if you opt for one of the tailored detox programmes, which can be mixed and matched depending on your requirements. There’s a dedicated team on hand to guide you, including professional spa therapists, fitness experts and there’s even a nutritionist.

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The three-day detox programme option may sound overwhelming, but don’t panic, this isn’t about eating less. You’ll be able to eat three meals a day plus snacks and it actually includes a healthy number of calories (roughly 1,800 per day). The aim of the game is to give your system a break.  The secret? To focus on whole foods, so there’s no limit on the amount of veggies and seeds you can eat. You’ll consume only foods thought to be ‘non-reactive’ such as blueberries, flaxseed and chicken, avoiding those foods that are said to trigger inflammatory responses, leading to gastrointestinal distress, headaches, fatigue and weight gain.

The ‘get slim’ package is a personalised weight-loss programme ideal for anyone looking to kick-start weight loss. And there’s no risk of undoing all your hard work in the gym as the programme incorporates a delicious and healthy menu. Highlights include the super detox green juice made from celery, cucumber, kale leaves, spinach, fresh parsley, lemon and apple. Lunch options might include carrot-ginger soup with chia seeds accompanied by steamed broccoli, drizzled with lemon juice and a mixed green salad. (Read about healthy eating and discover new recipes on the Talise nutrition blog by our very own Chef Gabi.)

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As far as exercise goes for these two packages, you could try sunrise yoga or maybe reflexology but if it’s a jolly good work out you’re after then the resort’s personal trainers can put you through your paces. Afterwards, you can recuperate in the spa – perhaps an affusion shower massage may take your fancy (which can help to remove toxins) or a traditional Thai massage which can reduce tension and establish feelings of wellbeing. The exercise and spa programmes can be tailored to your requirements and incorporate trips to the steam room, which can help increase your metabolism and aid weight loss.

But if you’re serious about sticking to that New Year’s resolution, then the ‘get fit’ package will have you well on your way to a healthy new you. Perfect for anyone looking to get into better shape, this package incorporates delicious, healthy cuisine alongside a more energetic, tailored sports programme. Sample activities include a cardio training routine, interval training, weight training, circuits, strength and conditioning sessions. Tabata training is also offered which is a very popular (and slightly painful) four-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. It comprises eight rounds of ultra-high-intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval, guaranteed to leave you feeling suitably exhausted. Be warned, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Talise Spa

After day one of detox, you’ll have earned some time in the Talise spa and this award-winning facility will not disappoint. As soon as you enter, the low lighting and aroma of essential oils will instantly help you slow down and unwind. The treatments you opt for are entirely up to you, however one thing I would recommend, is a visit to the Himalayan Salt Room, one of the spa’s top features.

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Compressed for over 250 million years, the salt has natural healing properties and is known in the Himalayas as ‘white gold.’ The room’s inviting amber glow creates a calming ambiance as you gently sink into the heated water bed. Once the salt-infused air is inhaled, it is said to travel through the body, absorb moisture, remove toxins and help to heal many common ailments, it is even said to strengthen the immune system. The salt contains the same natural elements found in the human body and can therefore help to rebalance the body’s minerals. This room is the first of its kind in the Middle East and is popular among guests and residents keen to benefit from one of the most beneficial natural salts on earth.

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If you’re after some inspiration, the spa offers an impressive selection of treatments and hydrotherapy baths. The 195 minute detox ritual is an intense detox experience which combines an affusion shower, a Dead Sea mud wrap and lymphatic drainage. A special detox drink is also provided. There’s also the diamond multisensorial lifting treatment said to regenerate and energize the skin or the chakra balancing therapy which promotes peaceful well-being and balance. If you’re feeling brave, there’s even a snow room which is said to aid circulation and leave you with an instant glow. For a more leisurely start to the day try Pilates or reiki. Budding yogis will be content with the numerous yoga classes held throughout the week in its various different forms – sunrise, hatha and aqua to name a few.

After a weekend at this resort, you’ll return home having discovered your inner zen and if all has gone to plan, perhaps a slightly more toned physique for 2016.

Check availability here or experience a 360° view of our hotels with Jumeirah Inside

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