11 Essential Facts You Should Know About Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is the most important time of the year for Muslims. Here you can find some useful information, including where to eat and some dos and don’ts during the Holy Month this 2018.

 1.When is Ramadan in 2018?
Ramadan is expected to start around around Tuesday 15 May to Thursday 14 June.

2.What is Ramadan?
Ramadan is the Holy Month in the Islamic Calendar, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset for approximately 30 days. Ramadan is a time of reflection during which Muslims see their family and focus on their faith.

3.What is Iftar?
Iftar is the evening meal at sunset when Muslims break their daily fast. If you are invited by an Emirati to sample Iftar at their home, it’s the perfect way to experience authentic Emirati culture. Make sure you take some dates!

4.How can I get involved?
Iftars are open to anyone (just remember to dress modestly) so this Ramadan, why not sample the delights of Iftar at Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts which is offering a number of dining tastes and cuisines. Sample traditional delicacies inspired by local and international cuisines, as well as gourmet desserts for both Iftar and Suhoor. Read about our many Ramadan offers across our hotels in Dubai.

5. Is there anything I need to do differently?
During Ramadan, it’s important to be considerate and it’s a good idea to cover shoulders and knees in loose-fitting clothes. It’s advisable for ladies to carry a pashmina which can be worn in public areas such as shopping malls and parks.

6. How do i greet locals appropriately?
“Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak” are two ways to greet Muslims during the Holy Month.

7. Anything else I should be mindful of?
Practising patience and kindness during Ramadan supports those who are fasting and will be well received. Also avoid public displays of affection.

8.Check business hours
Many restaurants, shops and government agencies will post Ramadan opening times for their businesses, so be sure to double check opening hours before you go out. Alcohol may only be sold after sunset in certain outlets.

9. Don’t eat or drink in public areas
Everyone is expected to refrain from eating, drinking and chewing gum in public. There will be a selection of restaurants and cafes open if you need to have a drink or meal during daylight hours. Look out for the discreet dining areas for visitors who are not fasting.

10. Don’t smoke in public areas
Just like drinking and eating, it is expected that you also refrain from smoking in public during daylight hours during Ramadan.

11. Don’t play loud music
During Ramadan don’t listen to loud music in public, be sure to use headphones and keep the volume low.

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3 thoughts on “11 Essential Facts You Should Know About Ramadan in Dubai

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  2. Though i would love to travel Dubai Ramadan , as it would expose me to Islam in a very beautiful manner but my Muslim friends suggest otherwise. They are of the opinion that to enjoy the Dubai life one must not go during Ramadan.

    Can any one share their experience of such account? Also guys my friends suggested this site for lowest fares: http://www.travelmerchants.com/ Ill be glad if you guys can share your experiences with me! thanks


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