The search is on for a Dubai hero!

Not everyone needed a prompt to make 2017 the Year Of Giving. These people, and those who took up the call, are our local heroes!

Throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, Jumeirah is looking for individuals, charities and companies who go the extra mile to help their peers make the most of the UAE. You’ve thought of someone you want to nominate already, haven’t you?

Those chosen from the nominations will be given a table for 10 at one of the signature Madinat Jumeirah iftars including Arboretum (every Monday), Khaymat Al Bahr (first Monday only), Hanaaya (every Monday) and The Palmery (every Monday).

It’s just our way of giving a little something back and saying ‘Thank You’ to Dubai’s special groups and individuals.

So don’t you think they deserve the night off, a pat on the back, and a great big thank you from Jumeirah, from the UAE, and from you?

The reasons don’t have to be deep, it can be as simple as putting a smile on your face in the morning, or being ready to turn that frown upside down at the end of a long day. Whether they donate their time or money, the value is lasting.

To nominate, simply head over to our Facebook page and explain on the top post why, in less than 70 words, you have chosen the person, charity or group. Then, every week during Ramadan, we’ll reach out to our selected nominee and arrange the booking.

Find out about Jumeirah’s Iftars and Suhoors here

To make a Jumeirah booking click here or experience a 360° view of our hotels with Jumeirah Inside

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