Top 5 Greek dishes you can’t miss at Shimmers

From seafood to split peas and the iconic Greek salad, these are the plates you need to try! Located on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, Shimmers is the perfect spot for a casual lunch or laid back dinner. With its whitewashed walls and turquoise accents, it evokes the spirit of a Greek summer. Choose to dine on the terrace, or with your toes dipped in the sand, as you take in views of the Burj Al Arab. Don’t forget, you can experience Shimmers during Jumeirah Restaurant Week click here for more details.

Shimmers on the beach, Dubai’s premier restaurant for authentic Greek cuisine, has  welcomed Chef Yiannis Katsikas as head chef. Chef Yiannis brings with him years of experience across Athens, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland and the UK. Interestingly, his cooking style also combines influences from Egypt, where his parents were raised before they returned to Greece.

Madinat Jumeirah - Shimmers1

As Shimmers has just reopened its doors, right in time to herald the return of being able to sit outside without melting, we’re taking a look at the top five authentic Greek dishes that you can’t not order the next time you visit.

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One of the most famous Greek dishes, Moussaka is like lasagne, but better. There are plenty of variations around, but the traditional Greek version is typically made using layers of aubergine, minced meat (usually beef or lamb – Chef Yiannis uses both), tomatoes, zucchini and potato, topped with a creamy layer of béchamel sauce to finish. You won’t want to share it, so we suggest ordering two…

 2.Fava Pantremeni

Fava Pantremeni is one of the oldest, and most classic, dishes in Greek cuisine. What hummus is to us here in the Middle East, Fava is to our Mediterranean friends, though the dip itself is not typically made with fava beans (also known as broad beans). Instead, it’s made by pureeing yellow split peas and is served with onions, capers and olive oil. It’s perfect for dipping freshly baked pita bread into.


Thanks IG: gina.vardikou

3.Gyros Kotopoulo

Everyone has that friend that still talks about the Gyros they had in Santorini in 2011 – and as much as we’d all like to forget the story, they’re not wrong in raving about what a treat it is for your tastebuds. Made using coal-grilled chicken that’s marinated in a special spice blend, a Gyros is similar to a wrap. The chicken is bundled up inside fresh pita bread with potato and finished with a lashing of tzatziki – there’s really nothing that beats one of these for lunch when the sun is shining.

4.Horiatiki Salad (Greek salad)

If there was one word to describe a horiatiki salad (more commonly known outside of Greece as a Greek salad), it would be fresh. None of the ingredients are cooked, but rather plated together in their natural, fresh state which results in a flavour combination that’s hard to beat. Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, Kalamata olives and oregano make up the base, whilst traditional Greek feta (some of the best in the world) tops it all off. Add a swirl of extra virgin olive oil, and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We should know – it’s one of Shimmers bestselling items.


Thanks IG: adrienn.k.uae

5.Any kind of seafood or fish

With a coastline that spans the Mediterranean Sea, it’s no wonder that Greek cuisine specialises in serving up mouth-wateringly fresh seafood. Be it octopus, fish, prawns or calamari, there’s just something about the way it’s grilled that makes it taste so good. Plus, it’s usually served up with farm-fresh vegetables and a side of lemon – basically, it’s summer on a plate.

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