14 Amazing Facts About The Burj Al Arab

Everyone knows it’s an iconic hotel, but do you know how just how impressive it really is? We go behind the scenes to reveal all…

1. It’s exceptionally tall

The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, which stands at 321 metres high, is 14 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower and only 60 metres shorter than the Empire State building.

2. The Eiderdown comforters in the rooms are some of the rarest in the world
Not known to do anything by halves, the Eiderdown comforters used at the Burj Al Arab are the finest, warmest and rarest in the world. The down is harvested from abandoned Eider Duck nests in Iceland – one nest provides about 15-20 grams of Eiderdown and only 2,000 kilograms are allowed to be harvested per year, which is why it is so rare.

3.There are 17 types of pillows available to guests on the pillow menu
Yes, 1-7. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been easier.

4. It sits on a man-made island
Located 280 metres off the shores of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab finds its home on a man-made island accessible via a bridge road that is 340 metres long.

5. It took five years to build
Construction began on the iconic landmark in 1994. It took two years to reclaim the island in the Gulf and then three years to build the hotel itself.

6. It has broken an impressive number of records
In addition to being the tallest all-suite hotel in the world, it also broke the Guinness World Record in 2008 for the most expensive cocktail (Dhs27,321 in case you were wondering) and the world’s largest tin of caviar in 2016 (it contained 17kg of Empress caviar – the world’s only fully certified organic caviar from native-raised sturgeon).

7. Millions of mosaic tiles were used to decorate the pools
The two pools were decorated with an incredible 10 million gold and azure mosaic tiles.

8. There was a lot of 24-carat gold leaf used to embellish the interiors…
1,790 square metres to be exact.

9.The ceiling in Junsui restaurant is VERY impressive
It is the largest Swarovski crystal ceiling in the world with 21,000 crystals used to represent the Milky Way. The installation is worth Dhs1.3 million in total.

10. The marble used in the interiors is the same material that Michelangelo used
The walls and flooring of the Burj Al Arab use over 30 kinds of Italian Statuario marble, the same used by the famed artist to create his legendary sculptures.

11. It is home to Nathan Outlaw’s first and only international restaurant
The renowned British chef (whose restaurant in the UK has 1 Michelin Star) opened the doors to Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara in March 2016.

11. The iconic helipad has played host to some incredible stunts
In 2004, Tiger Woods teed off from the helipad; in 2005, Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played tennis on a makeshift court; 2013 saw the first ever table tennis match held on the helipad with Chinese world number one players Long Ma and ShiWen Liu; and most recently, in 2017, Nick Jacobsen, a professional kiteboarder, jumped off the helipad in a world first stunt.

12. The Terrace was shipped over from Finland

The 10,000sqm luxury expansion opened in 2017, is the first man-made luxury beach facility of its kind. The structure of The Terrace was constructed in a cruise ship and yacht production facility in Finland before being shipped to the emirate in six pieces.

13. The hotel has a designated turtle hospital
We know, it’s adorable. Since it was launched in 2004, the programme, which treats sick and injured sea turtles in collaboration with Dubai’s Wildlife Protection Office, Dubai Falcon Clinic and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, has released more than 1,000 rescued sea turtles safely back into the Arabian Gulf.

14. There are full sized Hermes amenities in EVERY suite
Taking free hotel amenities to a whole new level.

To explore the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Click here or read 14 Amazing Facts About The Burj Al Arab 


7 thoughts on “14 Amazing Facts About The Burj Al Arab

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  2. When the Jumeirah beach first opened in October ,I decided to visit in December with my middle daughter.The most exciting part was to lounge at the poolside and watch the tiny figures welding the baseplates on the helipad and fitting the canvas covers on the fronts of the Burj and finally visiting the interior to wonder at the magnificence. Truly a jewel.

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