How to take the perfect Instagram travel shot

While New York photographer Dave Gershman was in Dubai, we snapped up a few hints and tips from him on how to take great Instagram shots.Living his life through the lens of his Canon EoS 5D Mark iii, Dave encapsulates candid moments of his global travels for all to enjoy. Here he shares his secrets to success.

1.Represent the location
Make sure your picture relates unequivocally to the destination. So tuk tuks in
Thailand; China Town in Hong Kong; the Opera House in Sydney. Of course, the
list of icons in Dubai is a little longer – the Creek, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the Burj
Khalifa, Madinat Jumeirah…. But then you want to bring them to life using light, colour and people – particularly people.


Thanks IG: davegershman Burj Al Arab Jumeirah lobby

2. Grab it while you can
When you see a shot you’ve just got to get it. Often there’s no time to change
lenses. Hesitate and the moment has gone – the people have moved on or the
light has changed. I stick to a wide fixed lens – so there’s no zooming in and out,
it’s me who has to do the moving. But I don’t waste time changing the lens or
using a tripod. I got a great shot in Bur Dubai of a guy riding a bicycle – full of
motion. It happened in an instant.
Tip: Explore old Dubai, less than 10 minutes by taxi from Jumeirah Creekside Hotel


Thanks IG: davegershman (Bur Dubai)

3. Get a different perspective
You don’t want to take the same shot that everyone else has seen before. Try to
get a different view of that iconic setting. There are lots of amazing rooftops in
Dubai – get up there and see the sights from up high. Or head out to sea and look
back on it.
Tip: Check out the roof top view at Cuba bar, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel


Thanks IG: davegershman (Dubai from above)

5. Use the light
Try to get your composition right from the start. I rarely use Adobe Photoshop –
sticking just to Adobe Lightroom to tweak my shots. The more changes you make
to the original shot the more you lose pixels and damage the quality. I headed
to the Dubai Creek for sunset. The light on the water at this time is so great. The
old town and the abras look so much more romantic and atmospheric when the
sky has that beautiful soft glow about it. You’ll always get the best shots when
you use natural light. You don’t have to use your iso. The light does the work for you.

davegershman creek

Thanks IG: davegershman (Dubai Creek)

6. Use your PR skills
Remember you are a stranger in a strange land – so be aware of the culture and
what is and what isn’t acceptable. I judge each situation separately and I’m not
scared to ask someone for a shot. It’s amazing what people will agree to if you
ask them nicely. Sometimes you have to charm them more than others. If it’s a
shot that you have to get then you might have to try harder.
Tip: Jumeirah Emirates Towers is just 10 minutes from old Dubai

davegershman bur dubai

Thanks IG: davegershman (Bur Dubai)

Follow Dave on Instagram @davegershman

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