The Best Places To Eat Like A Local

Forget sightseeing, this post is all about the food! From dumplings in Shanghai, shawarmas in Dubai to currywurst in Frankfurt, Fish and Chips in London and Arabic cuisine in Kuwait –  we round up the best local cuisines to try across the globe!

Xiaolongbao in Shanghai

From our very own Michelin-starred restaurant Shang-High to authentic street food stalls, there’s something for every palette – but there’s one dish that’s a unanimous favourite: Xiaolongbao. These soup dumplings are legendary and cannot be missed. They typically contain meat and soup and are folded up to 18 times before being pinched closed at the top. Given their hot interiors, the trick is to pierce the dumpling before eating so you don’t burn your tongue. Served almost everywhere across the city, you won’t have to walk far from Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel to somewhere to enjoy these steamed buns for lunch or dinner (or both!).

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Shawarma in Dubai

While there are plenty of authentic Middle Eastern dishes that are worth trying, for a truly local foodie experience you can’t go wrong with a shawarma. Essentially the city’s version of a kebab, a shawarma is made with spit-roasted meat (typically chicken but there are also beef varieties) slathered with a delicious garlic sauce and served with onions, pickles and tomatoes all wrapped up in fresh pita bread. A shawarma isn’t hard to come by and you can find them by the Creek but our favourite is served up at Khaymat Al Bahar in the Madinat Jumeirah. Here, all your senses are in for a treat – as the restaurant is located just steps from the shores of the Arabian Gulf with views of the Burj Al Arab.

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Currywurst in Frankfurt

A German fast food dish (it’s so iconic in fact that there’s a museum dedicated to it in Berlin…), currywurst consists of steamed and then grilled sausage that is then cut into slices and topped with spicy curry ketchup, served with a hearty helping of fries. Book yourself into the Jumeirah Frankfurt hotel and you’ll have two of the most highly rated currywurst restaurants – Pommesfreunde and Currywurst Taunus 25 – within walking distance. The latter serves up a variety of toppings in addition to the traditional sauce, like mango-pineapple curry and mozzarella honey mustard, too, substituting fries for thick homemade German bread so you can get every last bit. Packed full of flavour, this is guaranteed to be a winning meal choice.

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Fish & Chips in London

Perhaps Britain’s greatest food export, fish and chips is a fierce favourite amongst the country’s nationals and for good reason. As with all famous foods, there are plenty of places across London that serve up the dish, however not all fish and chips were created equal. Thankfully, we can share details of one the best locations in the city and easily accessible from Jumeirah’s London hotels.
The Sea Shell, Lisson Grove – for classic British fish and chips this is the place to go – they’ve been serving them for over 60 years. Also head to Borough Market – London’s oldest food market open Wednesdays to Saturdays near London Bridge station.

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Souq Mubarakiya in Kuwait

Not a dish, but rather a destination, Souk Mubarakiya in Kuwait is a must-visit destination. Over 200 years old, the Souk sells everything from spices, to perfumes, antiques, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and more. Not far from the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort and Spa, the sprawling complex offers several food outlets that foodies will love, with the main vendors found in the Souk’s plaza. Here, plastic chairs and tables decorate the space, where the emphasis is on the food rather than the furnishings. As for what’s on the menu? Everything from traditional Kuwaiti dishes to Egyptian and Persian plates – each of which is brimming with flavour. The meat dishes here are succulent and tender and cold plates pack a palatable punch. We suggest you order from a few of the restaurants and share to get a taste of all the flavours on offer – and to avoid food envy.


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Balik Ekmek in Istanbul

Translated, Balik Ekmek literally means “fish bread” which is about as good of a description of this iconic Turkish street food you can get. As its name suggests, Balik Ekmek is made with a piece of grilled fish (usually mackerel) sandwiched into a white bun and served with lettuce, onion and tomato. Whilst they can be found all over the city, some of the best versions can be found at the Galata Bridge which is around a 15 minute walk from Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah. Here, vendors sell the inexpensive sandwiches at stalls and off boats, and the beauty of buying them in this location is that you can take a walk across the iconic bridge and look back at the seven hills and
Galata Tower as you enjoy your lunch on the move. If you’d prefer to sit, any of the restaurants underneath the bridge are perfect for pulling up a seat and people watching as you eat.

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