6 Ways To Make Yourself A Happier Person

In honour of International Day of Happiness, we round-up six ways travel can make you happy!

You can experience Wild Wadi Waterpark for less
This year, we’re helping you to celebrate International Happiness Day with 5 days of fun! All kids below the age of 12 enter Wild Wadi Waterpark for free and in addition, for every 3 tickets purchased, you receive the fourth one free – perfect for a happy day out with friends and family! Valid from 20 -24 March 2018.

Wonder kids LR

Wonders of the world
You can’t beat travelling to a new country and sightseeing for the first time. Snap the iconic skyline of Dubai with the world’s largest and amazing skyscrapers, absorb the history of London, explore the underwater wonders of the Indian Ocean, experience the chaos of Shanghai and the beauty of Mallorca – Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts can take you there.

A holiday isn’t a holiday with some rest and relaxation and at Jumeirah it’s all about you. Take advantage of a private butler who can unpack your bags, waiters who will deliver you cold towels as you soak up the sun, discover babysitters on tap or a private chef who can conjure up your favourite food – five-star service is guaranteed and it all comes with a smile! Read more in 8 Over-the-top Hotel Butler Services.

Jumeirah Al Naseem - Beach - Towel Set Up

Sun on your back
We’ve chased the sun and caught up with it in Arabia, the Maldives, Mallorca,
China – and occasionally in London and Frankfurt! Feel the rays soak into your
skin and light up your soul – that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

17-11-23-Jumeirah-0851 1_v2 copy_result

Food, glorious food
Michelin-stars and only the finest ingredients can be found in the Jumeirah
kitchen cupboards. Whether it’s your morning cappuccino, your paleo salad,
your succulent waguu steak or your child’s homemade chicken nuggets – food is
our forte.

Memorable moments
Family time, me-time, couple time or party time – Jumeirah has your schedule
covered around the clock. Spend every hour exactly as you choose, explore our 2km stretch of private beach in Dubai, discover the newly opened Lourve museum in Abu Dhabi, whisk your loved one away to the Maldives, just do more of what makes you happy : )

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